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One person. Just one person is all it takes to change the course of a child’s life. One person to show them a new path, to listen to their joys and their sorrows, to speak wisdom into the life of a young person. RaisingHOPE’s mentoring program connects trained, background checked mentors with foster youth in order to give the youth a reliable, stable caring adult connection for a lifetime.

Mentors and mentees build healthy relationships that can lead to the mentee becoming part of the mentor’s community thus extending that mentee’s circle of healthy support. Studies show that having one stable adult can transform the life of a child, particularly a child at risk of abuse or neglect.

All mentors are screened, trained and evaluated. The program is voluntary for all youth and they are also screened to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the relationship.


  1. Complete the application to become a mentor or mentee here (link to form).
  2. Complete a 4 hour training for mentors (no training required for mentees). Click Here for training dates.
  3. Have a clean background check.
  4. Once approved, meet with mentee 2 times per month minimum.
  5. Commit to the mentor/mentee relationship for a period of one year.


RH Mentorship Program Referral Form

RH Mentorship Program Mentor Application