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Our Mission

RaisingHOPE empowers children in foster care to achieve their dreams through resources and relationships.

Our Goals

There are approximately 1,000 children in the child welfare system in Ventura County and approximately 28,000 children in the child welfare system in neighboring Los Angeles County.


Advocacy is crucial to preserving families and protecting children in child welfare. RaisingHOPE advocates on to give a voice to those who are most affected by the child welfare system.

Funds for Kids

Children in the child welfare system have many needs beyond food, shelter and clothing. RaisingHOPE is a gap filler that covers the cost for items or experiences that benefit a dependent child. We want kids in care to have opportunities that all children have: to participate in extracurricular activities, attend camp, visit relatives, receive orthodontic care and have books for college.

Youth Mentorship

Young people that grow up in the child welfare system for any length of time often do not have stable, safe adults in their lives. This often leads to homelessness, addiction and despair. RaisingHOPE connects foster youth and former foster youth with a caring, stable adult who can provide wisdom, resources and connections for that young person on a long term basis.